Introducing, CITY NORTH!

Without further ado, Clare, Kweli and I would like to formerly present to you, City North!

Clare and I got married in 2010 and have resided in our “treehouse” just north of downtown Cincinnati ever since. During our time here, we’ve never been ones to shy from a project that allowed us to use a little bit of our creativity and attempt something new and different. Whether it be making updates to our home, Zlatic family homemade Christmas gift challenges, or experimenting with art ideas, we find joy in creating things together for our family and for others.
City North is our new project that is a culmination of this: a design + maker studio that specializes in building physical goods and art.

In tech today, many software development teams use an agile methodology. This uses an emphasis on continuous, frequent delivery and gathering user insight then adjusting in the next iteration of development based on feedback. We’re taking a similar approach to prototyping new products. YOUR feedback will be an opportunity to help us improve existing or better yet, inform new ideas.

Got something in mind that we don’t currently offer? We want to hear from you! We’ve already teamed up with some great people and organizations for custom projects.

So here is our V1. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to track our evolution, see the latest products, behind-the-scenes of some of our creations, and an occasional Kweli photobomb.

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